I was working for our mentor at the time when I got sent to Infusionsoft University in Toronto, this is where I met Funk Roberts.
We were the backrow bandits and hit it off immediately.

Fast forward 3 years of flirting...
We meet up in the Christmas holidays  because he's running a membership and we knew we could apply our Tribe building secrets to make it HOTTER.

We spent the day together, shifting around ALL his messaging.
We gave him a New Identity for his men to strive to become.(Big important)
We filtered his story and brand through our cult brand code and had a firm foundation before re-launching his failing membership site.

We built Funkster's Cult Brand and now have a 7 figure membership.
With thousands of members who have a strong belonging to our brand. (including tattoos)

Check out

We redesigned the customer experience from forced continuity (which had him getting pissed off letters from customers) to one that utilizes human conditioning to enhance the experience.

We added milestones.
We added rituals.
We crafted the ULTIMATE manifesto for Men over 40.
and then we relaunched..

Within 112 days Bruce ended up getting a tattoo of the Over 40 Brotherhood. >>>

We've grown the brand to TENS OF THOUSANDS of users.
2 Tattoo's
And a 2 Comma Club Award.

We implemented the Cult Brand Code with Funk Roberts. 
Took his failing membership site and turned it into a cult brand for Men over 40. Bruce got a tattoo of the brotherhood after only 112 days. 
(brand new to branded in 112 days, insanee)
Just won a 2 Comma Club award for it. (safe to say we turned it around)

Chandler (Coach Mandler) approached us looking to get "The Funk Roberts" - he was tired of living in launch mode and wanted that sweet MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

We put his story through our cult brand code and built his firm foundation.
We built out his cult brand and launched his new Kettlebell Warrior Academy membership site.

IT wasn't long before boys like Mike and Walter started to tell us it was the most thorough product he's ever put out.

We just passed the $100k mark in the membership and building in the tribe secrets now for more psychological influence. 

We built Chandler's Cult Brand and launched the KB Warrior Academy.
It's his "best product"
and has a monthly recurring income now.

check out the Academy here

Russell wanted a cult brand and to finally jump off the product wheel.
We ran his story through our cult brand code and came up with the 4 phases of The Assassin Academy.

We created the Assassin Academy and even though we've not touched the membership, we're still getting our 40th payments in the inbox.
Amazing retention.

check out the Academy here

We turned his DVD sets into an online academy with a PROPER customer journey and experience.
They must graduate through the 4 phases:


There are rituals and graduation steps to proceed to the next, and the "brothers of the Red Fist" have integrated with the new identity we've instilled.

turned his DVD's into a membership site.
Implemented the Cult Branding and then Cult Bonding on the backend.
 We've not touched the program and are receiving our 40th payment.

We realized we're really good with content businesses and so we had a friend introduce us to Tim who has bought and managed over 68 properties in the Short Term Rental space.

He had frameworks for how to replicate his success, and wanted to teach it.
So we partnered on his Rest Methods.
Built out his cult brand.
Came up with the new identity: The Rested Investor
and created The Rested Investor Club House (RICH)

We've generated almost $100,000 in the past 18 months together and now have a membership generating MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

Which as Dan Kennedy says 
"if you don't have a recurring revenue product, you don't have a business... You have episodic income events.. You are like a pirate who just goes out to get what he needs and comes back"

We partnered on his content business.
Crafted his cult brand.
Launched 2 products and a membership that now creates sweet sweet MRR.

Check out the new RestMethods

Larry is one of the most charismatic motherfuckers you'll ever meet.
He brings a lot to a zoom call, 
and together we cracked his cult brand.

We took his program and worked it through the framework to birth "Your Goodest Life" .

We introduced the dark shades all his people are wearing as these are the Goodest Life shades that give his clients a new perspective.

He's now partnered with the biggest names in his industry, and close $10k deals like a machine.

*Larry cried actual sweet tears when he finally had the clarity for his business*

Check Larry's Cult Brand

When we met Carlen she was a psychotherapist working in clinic with ambitions to grow a movement.
We worked together to turn her message into a cult brand.
We all took mushrooms in her kitchen and collectively came up with the new identity: The Everyday Goddess.

She's now one of Canada's go-to women to talk about weed and sex for women.
She wrote a book called LOVE that hit 4x Amazon bestseller 
Created an apparel line for The Goddess Gang
And now runs a charity to support women entrepreneurs (and more sex)

Join her Mission for 1 Million Orgasms.

Check out the OG Everyday Goddess

Cassidy played in the NHL like any good Canadian boy and with that came the uncomfortable car rides, the "coaching" from the parents and a slew of other destructive shit. This made him a great coach and we just had to turn his story into a cult brand.

We helped him launch a membership site.
He got massive clarity on his brand and direction.
And was able to quit 3 'jobs'.

Now he just needs to update that awful branding.

Update: He 3X'd his business the following year. 
(crushing more now)



Launched "The Superhero Squad" with a Hollywood Trainer while we were super broke living in Ukraine. We flew to England and did tea in a sweet hotel and had BBC reach out about doing a show which could have launched this membership to the moon. We felt good and launched a week later before Christmas.
He made £14,632 on beta launch.
Then shut it down and ghosted us not too long later. 


We launched a VSL with Tom and put $2k in ads, we had 500 applications, and over $125,000 in new coaching sold in one summer.

we actually worked together for like 8 years, marketing everything from retreat to practice appraisals. good times.


We helped them with a cult brand playbook and taught them some ways to make the community pop. The fanatacism is insane here and Nerdy Nuts has a true customer cult. (and almost double the return customers rating than avg) hot. 🔥


We helped release Curtis' messaging which locked in 3 new paying clients ($10k) before he even created his funnel.
Now helping him build his Kingdom of men to make them an "All Time Man" for their woman.

He also launched a clothing line that we named: STRANGERS ONLY.


We helped Michael turn his training into an online course, opening a new revenue stream (while also implementing the tools to turn it into a MOVEMENT)

he also flew us to Australia to do so... so we love this guy.


We helped Jay turn his "get into MED school" coaching into a something he could properly communicate and sell and made $15k over the next coming weeks.

some more random wins as screenshots

-Rob Grier

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